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Our Founder

Dr Khoo Kim Choo is a pioneer in the early childhood field with over 35 years of experience in various capacities. She spear-headed several projects in the ‘80s and ‘90s that lay the foundation for the professional development of early child development and education among other areas. – She was the first CEO of NTUC Childcare Group, a consultant both locally and abroad, university lecturer, trainer, author, project director, Conference keynote speaker and international volunteer. Dr Khoo with grandson, Matthew

Dr Khoo has a PhD from the University of Washington, WA, USA on social welfare focusing on children and families. She believes that promoting children’s development and well- being needs to start from birth, working with parents, those who work with young children and the community. Her dissertation on problem solving among kindergarten children started her journey into the early childhood field till today. With support from the Bernard van Leer Foundation she initiated various projects to upgrade quality of childcare centres and to engage parents and the community. She set up the Regional Training and Resource Centres(RTRC) for Asia that coordinate and provide a network of support among van leer projects on issues of common concern. Wheelock College of Boston, SA, was invited to collaborate on the first Masters in Early Childhood Education in Singapore. The intention was to train a core of trainers to teach the Diploma in Early Childhood Education – the first to do so in Singapore.

Over the years, Dr Khoo has been very active on various boards and committees, including as Board Member of the Lee Kuan Yew Bilingualism Fund, Advisor to the MOE-MCYS Preschool Qualification Accreditation Committee (PQAC), Chair of SIM/SUSS University’s Panel for Early Childhood Education and Management, Board member of Wheelock College (Singapore), to name but a few.

Dr Khoo was consultant to MCYS in the development of the Early Years Framework for infant and childcare centres for children from birth to 3 years. She was also consultant for 5 years to Care Corner, a VWO, where she developed the Circle of Care Model targeting preschool children from low income family at risk. She was a resource and consultant to other various international organizations, including, UNICEF (Asia-Pacific, Romania, Mongolia), Save the Children (Singapore, UK, Mongolia), UNESCO, World Bank, ASEAN.

She was a Specialist Volunteer with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and lead a team a team to trainers in early childhood education in Vietnam with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (Early Childhood Department). In Myanmar, she and her team worked with the Myanmar Social Welfare Department to train trainers and to set up a resource centre. It culminated in a collaborative publication, Nurturing Children’s Development and Learning, a resource book for Myanmar preschool teachers. The book was translated into Myanmar and is now used by all preschools in Myanmar.

As an author, Dr Khoo has written for different audiences – parents, children, professionals, policy makers and the academia. She produced Nurture, the first bilingual parenting magazine in Singapore to fill the vacuum then. She also published 3 children’s books and encouraged local writers to write for Singapore children.

Dr. Khoo was featured in the Encyclopaedia of Applied Developmental Science (Editors: Celia B. Fischer and Richard M. Learner) and as one of the 50 role models for volunteerism, by The Organising Team of From Singapore, With Love.

She has received various awards for her contribution to Singapore, among them the PBM (Public Service Award) from the late President Nathan in 2007 for her contribution to the early childhood field in Singapore, Friend of MCDS Award 2003 (Award for significant contribution to committees or projects under the Ministry Community Development and Sports), Honorary Doctorate in Education from Wheelock College in 1992, which also offered the Khoo Kim Choo Scholarship for Leadership for several years. Special Recognition Award from the Ministry of Information and the Arts 2001, SIF Outstanding Specialist Volunteer Award (Special Commendation), 2013 and Friend of Singapore National Cooperative Federation Award, 2013.

She was simultaneously at various times teaching at NUS, Wheelock College and UNISIM/SUSS.

Dr Khoo applied Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in Sunbird, her first childcare centre with a partner in 1992. In 2006 she left to set up Preschool for Multiple Intelligences when her first grandson was born. The birth of Matthew saw the birth of PMI.